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Advanced GPS Tracker

The Advanced GPS tracker is a compact unit that includes remote configuration, real time tracking, built in 3D G-sensor, and various communication pathways.  The tracker provides journey reports, geo-fencing, or custom reports. 

Compact Utility GPS Tracker

The Compact Utility GPS Tracker is a lightweight unit (6 oz.) that provides live monitoring of vehicles.  The GPS tracker operates between the temperatures of -4°F to 158°F.  This unit provides information on geo-fencing reports, real time tracking, and vehicle functionality.

Solar Charged Compact Tracker

The SmartInstrument Compact Tracker provides live monitoring of vehicles and powered by a solar charging station.  The GPS tracker provides information on vehicle functionality, location detection, real time tracking, accident detection and geo-fencing reporting. 

Touch Screen Mobile Display

The Touch Screen Mobile Display has a 4.3 inch LCD screen with 1 W built in speaker, mini USB slot, and micro-SD slot.  The screen provides information on the in-cabin operation, turn-by-turn display, driver/patron information system, near-vehicle locator, and in-cabin communicator.  The unit is mounted by a suction-based car mount. 

Personal GPS Tracker

The Personal GPS Tracker is lightweight (2.8 oz.) unit that provides live monitoring of various individuals (children, elderly, patients, etc.).  The unit is waterproof and provides emergency voice call capability, cell ID positioning function, journey logging, real time tracking, and geo-fencing control.

On-Body GPS Tracker

The On-Body GPS Tracker is a rugged personal SOS and tracking bracelet for various individuals (children, elderly, patients, offenders, etc.).  The unit provides periodic reporting, geo-fence reporting, SOS emergency button, and tampering alarm.