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GPS tracking systems can be customized to fit our clients' needs.  We provide tracking solutions for fleet management, solid waste programs, school districts, local governments, and any entity interested in tracking their assets.  The easy to use web based GPS interface allows you to view the location of your company or individual vehicles at anytime anywhere in the world. 

Fleet Management

The GPS Tracking System for Fleet Management can be used to:

  • Monitor drivers (check driver speed and location)
  • Delivery of freight
  • Obtain vehicle diagnostics (pre and post inspection)
  • Check driver productivity
  • Pinpoint driver estimated arrival time

The SmartInstrument AT - Advanced GPS Tracker for fleet vehicles can provide various information about the vehicle and driver, such as vehicle functionality and real time monitoring of vehicles.

Solid Waste Management

The GPS Tracking System for Solid Waste Management includes the Advanced GPS Tracker, RFID Antenna, and RFID Tag.  


The GPS Tracking System provides information on vehicle functionality, over-speeding, accident detection, location detection, real time tracking, tow alarm, and geo-fencing reporting.  Information is transmitted to the GSM/GPRS Network and stored in the Reltronics SIGHTS Database.  


Clients can access the information through the internet and the SIGHTS Application website.  SIGHTS can be opened through a desktop computer, smartphone (e.g. iPhone), or smart tablet (e.g. iPad) for easy accessibility

School Buses

The DVR and GPS Tracker for School Bus Fleets includes SmartInstrument AG, SmartInstrument AU, and SmartInstrument DVR.

SmartInstrument AG has a RFID reader that mounts near the bus doorway for authentication and stores camera data (digital video recording). The unit has GSM and WiFi capabilities for data transmission.


On-board cameras can be mounted in the middle and the front of the bus. Cameras capture passenger activity, passenger traffic, passing of vehicles, and etc.